Girl Basic Japanese
Language Course on CD

You can order the Basic Japanese Course CD now for only $44 or €29! Shipping costs to any place in the world included! The CD contains the complete Basic Japanese course. We send you the CD immediately after your payment. You can also download the CD content. We are located in Germany.
PayPalPayPal payments are possible in the following currencies:
world wide From any country:
44 US Dollar or 29 Euro

AR 44 US Dollar (Argentina)
BR 44 US Dollar (Brazil)
IN 44 US Dollar (India)
US 44 US Dollar (United States)
AT 29 Euro (Austria)
BE 29 Euro (Belgium)
FR 29 Euro (France)
DE 29 Euro (Germany)
IT 29 Euro (Italy)
NL 29 Euro (Netherlands)
ES 29 Euro (Spain)
TR 29 Euro (Turkey)
AU 45 Australian Dollar
CZ 700 Czech Koruna
CA 45 Canadian Dollar
DK 219 Danish Krone
HK 329 Hong Kong Dollar
HU 7900 Hungarian Forint
IL 159 Israeli New Shekel
JP 3900 Japanese Yen
MX 549 Mexican Peso
NZ 59 New Zealand Dollar
NO 249 Norwegian Krone
PH 1899 Philippine Peso
PL 119 Polish Zloty
SG 59 Singapore Dollar
SE 299 Swedish Krona
CH 49 Swiss Franc
TW 1299 Taiwan New Dollar
TH 1299 Thai Bhat
GB 27 UK Pound Sterling
You can also pay with a bank transfer or cash in a letter, for more information please contact us at .
FAQ: Q: I come from a country not listed above. How can I pay with PayPal?
A: You can pay with PayPal $44 or €29 from any country in the world.
Q: Can I download the content of the CD from the web?
A: Yes, you can download the content of the CD after you have paid for the CD. You can decide if you want to download the content of the CD from my webpage or if you want to receive the CD.
Q: What happens if the CD I receive is damaged during the shipment?
A: You inform me by an email and I'll send you a new CD.
Q: What happens if the CD gets lost during the shipment?
A: If you do not receive the CD after 21 days you inform me by an email and I'll send you a new CD. (But till now it has never happened that the CD got lost during the shipment.)
Q: How can I be sure that you really send me the CD after I had paid for it?
A: The main amount of work was to create the CD. It took me several hundreds of hours, and when you pay for the CD you pay for that work which is already done. Sending the CD is cheap, I only have to pay for the postage stamp. So you see, there is no reason for me not to send the CD to you (unless you think that I want to save the stamp...). Of course I hope that you like the CD and recommend it also to your friends.
Q: Where do you send the CD from?
A: We are located in Germany, Karlsruhe.