Basic Japanese Language Course


Jeffrey's Japanese-English Dictionary Server (dictionary)
Kana & Kanji
Charles Kelly's Japanese Language Study Website (excellent quizzes for kanji, kana, common words; JLPT)
Joyo 96 - Understanding Written Japanese (kanji and literature information, pretty many ads for amazon.com books)
The Kanji SITE (introduction to kana, kanji for JLPT)
Java Kanji Flashcards 500 (Kanji flashcards for drilling kanji)
Kanji-Step - Japanese Language Resource Center - Nihongo (teaching stuff, with audio for particular words)
Japanese for the Western Brain (general considerations about Japanese grammar)
Fast Track - 100 Grammar & Useful Phrase Bits (various topics on grammar; kanji etc as well)
Japanese Language (everything about Japanese language, kanji, lessons, audio)
5-minute Japanese Class by Hitomi Hirayama (entertaining pdf-files on everyday topics for intermediate learners)
Rikai (move your mouse over any japanese word to get it translated immediately, amazing! Jap. fonts required)
Lists of links
Japanese Language Learning Resources (a fine well structured list of links)
Francis Britto's Japanese WebLab (a structured list of links with description)
Nihongo o narau - Learn Japanese (short but fine list of links; some lessons and kanji sheets)
Japanese Language - List of Links (unstructured list of links)
List of Links (structured list of links)
Nihongo Shoho
Nihongo Shoho in Japan, Korea and Hong Kong (publishers, sample pages, supplementary teaching material overview)
Vocabulary list (with vocabulary trainer for IExplorer, Jap. fonts required)
Spanish vocabulary list (Jap. fonts required)