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General information for this kanji:

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 kun yomi:   iki
 SKIP Code  3-4-2
 Stroke Count:   6
 Radical:   84
 Frequency Of Use  69
 Grade:   First Grade
 English Tags:   spirit, mind
 External Link(s):   dartmouth.edu      Kanji-Quiz

This kanji appears in the following expressions:
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 Expression, Lesson Nr  Kanji-Writing  Translation
  byouki 9    illness; disease; sickness
  denki 2    electricity; (electric) light
  denkikougaku 19    electrical egineering
  genki 9    health(y); robust; vigor; energy; vitality
  hakike 24    nausea; sickness in the stomach
  kikou 10    climate
  kimochi 27    feeling; sensation; mood
  kinodoku 31    pitiful; a pity
  kion 21    temperature
  kiwotsukeru 27    to be careful; to pay attention; to take care
  ogenkidesuka 15    How are you?
  okinodoku 31    pitiful; a pity
  sorehaokinodokudeshitane 31    What a pity!
  tenki 10    weather; the elements; fine weather
  tenkiyohou 21    weather forecast