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General information for this kanji:

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 kun yomi:   mi.ru, mi.eru, mi.seru
 SKIP Code  2-5-2
 Stroke Count:   7
 Radical:   147
 Frequency Of Use  45
 Grade:   First Grade
 English Tags:   see, hopes, chances, idea, opinion, look at, visible
 External Link(s):   dartmouth.edu      Kanji-Quiz

This kanji appears in the following expressions:
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 Expression, Lesson Nr  Kanji-Writing  Translation
  iken 30    opinion; view
  kenbutsu 11    sightseeing
  mieru 23    to be seen; to be in sight; to seem
  miokuru 33    to see off; to farewell
  miru 8    to see; to watch
  miru 20    (with -te form:) to try
  miseru 14    to show; to display
  omimai 28    calling on someone who is ill; enquiry