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 kun yomi:   de.ru, -de, da.su, -da.su, i.deru, i.dasu, izu, idzu, ide, ji, su~, sutsu, ten
 SKIP Code  4-5-2
 Stroke Count:   5
 Radical:   2
 Frequency Of Use  15
 Grade:   First Grade
 English Tags:   exit, leave
 External Link(s):   dartmouth.edu      Kanji-Quiz

This kanji appears in the following expressions:
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 Expression, Lesson Nr  Kanji-Writing  Translation
  dasu 11    to send (e.g. a letter)
  deguchi 28    exit; gateway; way out; outlet; leak; vent
  deiriguchi 18    exit and entrance
  dekakeru 11    to depart; to go out (e.g. on an excursion)
  dekiru 20    to be able to; to be ready; to occur
  dekiru 23    to be able to
  deru 12    to leave
  hikidashi 18    drawer; drawing out
  shuppatsu 34    departure
  yushutsu 33    export