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 kun yomi:   ue, -ue, uwa-, kami, a.geru, -a.geru, a.garu, -a.garu, a.gari, -a.gari, nobo.ru, nobo.ri, nobo.seru, nobo.su, yo.su, aoi, age, i, ka, kaki, kazu, kan, kou, nobori, hotsu
 SKIP Code  4-3-2
 Stroke Count:   3
 Radical:   1
 Frequency Of Use  16
 Grade:   First Grade
 English Tags:   above, up
 External Link(s):   dartmouth.edu      Kanji-Quiz

This kanji appears in the following expressions:
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 Expression, Lesson Nr  Kanji-Writing  Translation
  ageru 13    to raise
  ageru 29    to give; to raise
  ijou 32    more than
  jouzu 23    skill; skillful; dexterity
  moushiageru 33    to say; to tell; to state
  sashiageru 29    to give
  ue 3    above; over; on top of; up; upper part
  uwagi 2    coat; tunic; jacket; outer garment